Fun, Outgoing, Off the cuff, Spontaneous, Black... Chip Nicholson Comedy

Chip Nicholson born in St. Louis MO and raised in California and Alabama is a comedian, writer, improvisationalist, and actor known for his infectious happy-go-lucky personality on and off stage. Chip started his comedic career at the age of 22 in the midst of a full blown identity crisis and academic probation; the perfect chemistry for comedy. Since then Chip has Hosted, Opened, Featured, and Headlined shows from Calgary to Tennessee as well as teaching Improv to middle and high schools in California. With a unique light hearted sense of humor and charismatically entertaining stories, Chip Nicholson is your universal entertainer. Delivering the best stand up comedy, leading audiences on journeys filled with nostalgia, cosmic irony and laughs from start to finsih!